26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks – A Story of Healing


Peace and Forgiveness

We are coming up on the fifth anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks and here is an emotional interview with Kia where she talks about celebrating peace and life in the aftermath of death, by visiting the restaurant in which her husband Alan and daughter Naomi lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on 26/11 2008 in Mumbai.

Kia was inspired to do so after reading an essay in Gautam Sachdeva’s book ‘Explosion of Love’.

The phoenix is a mythical bird believed to have a lifespan of five hundred years. When it nears the end of its long life, it builds a nest, sits in it, and then self-ignites; enacting what seems like a spontaneous combustion. Both the phoenix and its nest go up in a blaze of glory and are reduced to ashes. From these ashes, a young phoenix is born, to live again for another complete lifespan. The young phoenix embalms the ashes of its old self in an egg and flies with it to the Egyptian city of Heliopolis – the Sun City – where it places it in the temple of the Sun.

The phoenix is considered an emanation of sunlight. It is a symbol of immortality through resurrection.

The end is the beginning.


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