Charter for Compassion


We have recently discovered a wonderful organization that aligns with our goals and mission here at One Life Alliance: Compassionate Action Network International. Their vision, as listed on their website, is “A world where everyone is committed to living by the principal of compassion”. This vision is shared by One Life Alliance, so it is natural that we would want to work together! In 2008, well-known author Karen Armstrong, joined with CAN and helped develop a Charter of Compassion. This Charter can be signed by individuals, organizations, groups, and cities. Their program, International Campaign for Compassionate Cities, has created Compassionate Games for cities to “help, heal and inspire, making our community a safer, kinder, more just and better place to live. By participating, players are called upon to perform acts of service and kindness in our neighborhoods, on the job, in service-providing agencies, and wherever their daily journey takes them. The acts of service are organized projects or simple acts of kindness to aid a neighbor in need.” Some cities that have participated are Louisville, KY, Basalt, CO, and Houston, TX.

When we open our hearts and practice compassion towards ourselves and those in our communities, we begin to be a part of the peace process in our world. One of the aspects taken into consideration in the Global Peace Index is “good relations with neighbors”. Creating and building compassionate cities through the Compassionate Action Network leads to that end. We encourage you to learn more about CAN through their website and join with One Life Alliance to focus on our joined efforts to create peace in your home, your neighborhood and your cities. To start with yourself and your community, please email to reserve your copy of Kia Scherr’s book “Pocketbook of Peace”, which gives you a 30 day daily guide of creating peace. To build on that book and reach out into your world to share your peace, we hope you will sign the Charter of Compassion and share with others in your community.



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