Honor the Five Year Anniversary of 26/11 With Pledge of Peace


Never bowed, the courageous spirit of Mumbai has been celebrated again.

In a beautiful collaboration, The Welingkar Institute of Management in Matunga has taken our initiative to spread peace and forgiveness, the ‘Pledge of Peace’, an initiative undertaken to spread peace and forgiveness. The ‘Pledge of Peace’ ceremony was part of the CSR initiative initiated by WeSchool students titled, ‘We Wish You Peace’ to celebrate the resilient spirit of Mumbai at the outset of the 5th anniversary of the 26/11 terrorist attack.

After my husband and daughter were killed in 26/11 attacks, I am determined to create the opposite of terrorism – to love like an extremist so that we can increase the power of peace in as many ways as possible. The time has come to join together as one. Together we can make a difference.
“This is a mutual choice – I chose Welingkar and Welingkar chose me after I spoke to 200 students last year about my response to 26/11. The students came forward with so many creative ideas to increase peace around the city. I knew this would be an ongoing collaboration. This is just the beginning.”


From Professor Dr. Uday Salunkhe, the Group Director of WeSchool.

“WeSchool’s core value “we link and care” has been our guiding principle. Understanding, empathy, compassion and peace have therefore become central to WeSchool’s vision and agenda. Terror in any form be it the attack such as the one on 26/11, or the numerous attacks on women is sad. We need to study root cause and address it. Every individual has the power to make a difference and we must play an active role at our homes, in society and the nation at large to assimilate this. We strongly believe in initiatives such as “We Wish You Peace” and Kia Scherr’s mission to spread the message of peace can help unite people, communities and nations. It is indeed our privilege to support this cause and help spread the message of peace.”

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Please help us publish the Pocketbook of Peace and take the Pledge of Peace on your own!


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