Kangaroo Connection


Connections can happen in the most unlikely places in a split second as I discovered this evening while in the gym. I went down for my usual 30 minute 3 mile cross tracking session while watching BBC news. Flowing along with the expected updates about U.S. Government shutdown still shutdown, the next story caught my attention when the image of a kangaroo in an Australian airport appeared on the screen. The site of a kangaroo makes me smile and I was intrigued by this kangaroo that somehow managed to wander in to the airport and into a pharmacy. It was sitting peacefully in an aisle amongst the aspirin, toothpaste, shampoos and cold remedies. As it took a few hours for the wildlife rescue crew to arrive, the pharmacy was shut down to keep things quiet for the visitor and to keep him inside. I noticed there was a young Indian woman next to me also cross tracking away with eyes glued to the BBC. At some point the announcer made the comment that the kangaroo had been nicknamed ‘Cyrus’ and the young woman and I burst out laughing at the same time and turned to each other to share the moment with a smile. I said to her “That’s hilarious!” She nodded and we then continued our cross track. She left after several more minutes and I will probably never see her again, but we connected in oneness for a brief moment over a kangaroo named Cyrus on the BBC. It occurred to me that the kangaroo has great potential to be an instrument of peace in the world if placed strategically in unlikely places. Who could get angry with a kangaroo sitting in your midst? How could anything be taken so seriously that there would be conflict and even violence. Not possible with a kangaroo in the room. So, I say bring the Australian kangaroos to the Washington, DC Capitol and let them preside over the talks on Government shutdown and national debt. If things started to get tense a kangaroo could be brought over to stare at the person about to rant, rave and insult his fellow Americans over political disagreements. Laughter would prevail, tensions would ease and new solutions may be found. If we keep doing what we’re doing, we will keep getting what we’re getting. A new element needs to come into play. Bring on the kangaroos!


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