Kia Learns How to Blog!


Why did it take me so long to learn how to blog? I am embarrassed to say there are a number of reasons – procrastination, fear of screwing it up, attention deficit, IT overwhelm, lack of confidence, laziness…but it all boils down to the fact that I simply chose not to put my full attention on the matter. In these high-tech times, learning how to blog is essential for business success and for any kind of success if we want to communicate to the largest number of people possible all over the world. It’s where the rubber hits the road when it comes to being on the cutting edge of social media. It was my son Aaron who came to the rescue by not taking any excuse -“How could you not be blogging, Mom?! You’re all about engaging in an important message that you want to go global and you’re just posting little blurbs on your Facebook page. It’s not enough – you have to learn how to blog right now.” Ok, I got it, lesson taken – and so as Aaron sat at his laptop in Vallejo, California late in the evening, I sat at my laptop right after breakfast in Mumbai and we got down to it. As co-founder of One Life Alliance, a global peace initiative, we have our own website, so the first step is to enter the back door of my own site and get to know what is in there. I discovered that ignorance is not bliss; it’s downright humiliating to have ignored the obvious for so long. I learned how to blog in about 10 minutes; that’s how complicated it was to learn. Wow, what a revelation, what empowerment! I am here to tell all of you who are doing business, running an organization, or just having fun with your friends online, learn how to blog! I am now blog happy, so forgive me if I overdo it at first. I am celebrating my first official blog that will launch a more effective way to stay closely connected to all of you. Not only that, my blog is ‘optimized’ so I am trending with the currents of the online world. More on that in another blog – so for now, the lesson is that things in life are not always as complicated as they seem. There is always a way to break through a challenge. I learned that the first step is simply to choose to break through this challenge and so I chose to learn how to blog. Yay!



  1. Good on you, taking the bull (sacred cow), by the horns,
    You have so many experiences we are all dying to hear about & can learn so much about compassion from your example.
    I think “One Life Alliance” is a wonderful initiative. Swami Shankarananda is a great advocate of Interfaith, & teaches us we can learn tolerance through always looking for what we have in common, rather than focussing on the differences. The world certainly needs a lot more of this.
    I look forward to reading your blogs… Will you post notifications on FB, when a new one becomes available?
    All the best
    Love from Sumitra

  2. Way to Go, Kia! You are not alone in being a “late bloomer” to blogging. As I still do not have a clue. Perhaps you can teach me one day. So ~ as the saying goes, “better late than never”. So now you are an official blogger. Thank you to Aaron for his guidance in getting you up & running. And thank you to you for taking on his challenge 🙂

  3. Hi Kia! Surprised to find another “Kia” blogger! You are not alone! I just started and still learning too! Perhaps we can learn together and meet in person in the near future! My blog is about beauty and photography.. And probably random things because I’m just so random like that! Lol.. Ok you take care.

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