Life in Full Color – Live, Love, Laugh


It was an annoying chipped fingernail that prompted me to close shop for the day. I turned off my laptop and headed straight to the 10th floor beauty salon. It was packed full on a late Saturday afternoon, but here in Mumbai, there’s always room for one more. In fact, the elevator was so full that I squeezed in saying exactly that – ‘it’s India – there’s always room for one more’ – to which everyone chuckled and one of the young women said, ‘if there’s room in your heart, there’s room anywhere.’ Only in India would there be a response like that! I was welcomed warmly at the salon despite the crowd and was soon ushered to a seat where a young woman named Sunita began filing my nails. I noticed a tattoo on her arm – Live, Love, Laugh. First I smiled at the wonderful message, especially on Saturday when I was preparing to meet some friends for dinner at a local club. My eyes soon filled with tears as I was remembering how much my daughter Naomi had begged for tattoos during her 13th year, the last year of her life. It seemed like a message from her to remind me about what was most important. After my nails were perfectly filed, it was time to change the color. I was considering a clear polish but Sunita was recommending a raspberry color, making me smile at the thought that this is exactly the color Naomi would have chosen. Ok, I said, go for it! And then, of course, there had to be toenails to match. And then, a foot massage to complete the treatment. I was already in heaven and the night had hardly begun.

Candlelight dinner by the sea in the open air, sitting with new friends from England and France. It’s interesting how our choices result in brand new experiences that are unpredictable and yet so natural as they unfold. Love is the basis of living life in full color. It is a renewal of life itself that has brought forth a fresh appreciation of the unique aspects of love. Love is a full spectrum experience that has enhanced the joys of life in so many ways. Love is not about a person, place or thing. Love is the magnification of ourselves as we fully express who we are, as well as the stillness of being- just silent, watching the fullness of emptiness. This is love, this is life. What else matters? Nothing.



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