All About Love


The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. Henry Miller

Isn’t life ultimately all about love or lack of love? Could we postulate that it is lack of love that is the basis of all conflicts in today’s violent war torn world? Was it lack of love that caused a 23 year old terrorist to rush into a restaurant full of people crouching under a table and shoot them one by one? Any shooting of any kind must be a result of lack of love. If I question is it true that love is lacking, I wonder if it’s really so. Is love really lacking or are we sometimes disconnected from it or blind to it? Or are we simply choosing not to love because of other more pressing priorities? I am not here to answer these questions, I am here to optimize my experience of love because that is the most fulfilling experience I notice I am having. I am choosing to experience love in every possible way – there is no getting or giving, just loving. I wake up and love the view outside of my window. I love seeing the people taking their morning walks on Marine Drive. I love seeing what the sky will look like today and how many boats are floating past my window. I take a picture with my camera to capture that moment and share it on Facebook because I love sharing what I love with my Facebook friends, most of whom I have never met. I love that people who have never met me requested to connect on Facebook and I see their names ‘liking’ my posts everyday. Does this mean I am ‘in love’ – absolutely! I am permanently in love with love itself. I am drowning in a sea of love and it is bringing me to life in spectacular new ways. So I would suggest to Henry Miller that when we decide to be the love we want to ‘get’, there will be no giving or getting love, there will only be love itself lighting up every cell in our beings.


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