Peace, Rawnest Living, and Letter To A Terrorist.


Rawnest Living made some really nice comments on their blog recently about Kia and her experiences and projects pursuing peace after losing her husband and daughter in the 11/28 Mumbai Attacks.

It’s rare when one has the opportunity in life to meet with beings who truly live in wholeness and that are really walking their talk, and talking their walk. Kia Scherr, a beloved friend of mine for years, is such a being. Her life story and her Peace Movement have now motivated me, along with thousands of people, to embrace peace in a different way as Kia has not only survived, but thrived, from one of the hardest things that could happen to a human being.

Here is the trailer to the short film, Letter to a Terrorist.

Kia’s response, and way to embrace this event, now has the high probability to bring even more awareness and shifts in the peace movements here on Earth and put an end to terrorism in the world, starting with the terrorism within, as she wrote a letter to the only one terrorist that was alive after the Mumbai Attacks, and this letter has become now a film which is now in the semi-finals for Oscars!”

Thank you,

Peace and Namaste

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