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Today is November 14. Five years ago on this day I drove my husband Alan and daughter Naomi to the Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia. From the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we lived at a modern meditation sanctuary, it was a two hour drive. It seems like such a long time ago, lifetimes away, and yet, I can still smell the eggs, toast and coffee we shared for our last breakfast together. They were so excited to be traveling off to the exotic land of India, to the city of Mumbai to join a group of American, Canadian and Australian meditators who were gathering together to share the experience of high-tech meditation and explore the magic of one of the busiest and most colorful cities in the world. I have written this experience of that time and what transpired in the form of this haiku and to commemorate this sweet memory I will share it on this day of November 14.

To the Airport

The final packing –
That one last cup of coffee;
we are on our way.

Laughing together,
airport arrives too quickly.
Time to disembark.

Checking in – long line,
relaxing into oneness
we inch our way forward.

Our good-bye is sweet
They are off to India,
Father and daughter

I, wife and mother
drive back alone this time,
a new experience.

Mumbai, India

First phone call arrives –
So excited to be there;
Oberoi Hotel

In Mumbai city,
a meditation retreat
within luxury.

Each day filled brightly
with so much vibrant color
everywhere they went.

City streets alive
with honking horns and scooters,
occasional cows.

Exciting phone call –
The long awaited nose piercing
turned out perfectly.

Good news for you, dear-
your test scores came in today –
ninety-two percent!

Much to celebrate!
Tell your father right away!

Little did I know
that would be the last phone call
with sweet Naomi.

Did you hear the news?
Nose piercing, great. Top test score!
I love you, honey.

Little did I know
that would be the last phone call
with dearest Alan.


A trip on my own
to Florida for Thanksgiving
with sons and family.

Sparkling Tampa Bay
shines with promising good times.
I smile as the plane lands.

Soothing warm sunshine
permeates blue sky, palm trees-
soaking the sidewalk, bare feet.

Checking my email –
No messages today from
Mumbai, India.

Quiet afternoon.
Time to watch Oprah Winfrey;
The phone is ringing.

Kia, turn on the news!
Oberoi Hotel attacked.
Terrorists invade!

I can’t believe it.
How can this be happening?
I drop to the floor.

What’s going on now?
Turn on the TV –
Terrorist attack!

Sitting on the couch,
we are all stunned and afraid.
Where are our dear ones?

Another phone call –
Everyone is accounted
except for those two.

Where are they? Safe? Trapped?
Call the State Department now.
They will update us.

Another day gone.
Father and daughter missing.
All over the news.

Photos on TV –
Prayer groups begin to form.
Emails pouring in.

Our prayers are with you.
We want you to know we care.
Sending all our love.

Friday, 6 a.m.
The confirmation phone call
Both were shot and killed.

No, not both of them.
Dear God, please, not both of them.
So sorry, Mrs. Scherr.

Numbed silence pervades.
The family surrounds me
We cry together.

Another phone call –
CNN asks to share the news.
OK, I tell them.

Father and daughter,
two Americans, both shot.
The girl was thirteen.

All terrorists now killed,
except one, who is captured –
A brainwashed young man.

As Jesus Christ said,
They know not what they do.
We must forgive them.

Must send them our love.
We must be compassionate.
Otherwise, more hate.

Messages come in
from all over the world.
Messages of Love.

Muslims, Jews, Christians,
Hindus, Buddhists and much more –
Together in love.

This is who we are.
This is the gift from Mumbai.
One human family.

From the ashes of darkness….to the light of love.

Transforming our lives, we transform the world.


  1. Hi Kia – Andrew and I recently came back from the Stillpointe retreat. It was wonderful and I often thought of Alan and Naomi that week. I also missed seeing you there but I think all three of you were there in spirit. We will never forget Alan and Naomi – two brilliant lights radiating love. Thank you very much for sharing the haiku – it is very beautiful.

    One Love,

  2. Kia thank you
    Love is the answer. Thank you again from me for demonstrating how. The Oneness of all and everything. Applies even to relatively trivial things like addiction, or anxiety……thank you

    The poem of the events is like a SWORD of truth, with WORDS of truth

    Much love 🙂

  3. Beloved Kia-I am so moved by your poem and your love and the Completeness of who You Are.

    My arms are wrapped around you on this sacred day. Sending you so much love and appreciation…karen

  4. Such a beautiful soul…such an exquisite memorial, You are so much more alive now,connected to Eternity…more there than here, a glorious place where all tears will be wiped from our eyes.

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