A View Askew


Sometimes we see a part that is not the whole. A part can look a certain way and we may think something is wrong, something is off, not right – but are we seeing the whole picture? What if our view could be broadened, our lens widened? What would we see? Would the reality look different? Would it make sense? I was sitting in a restaurant the other day and as I looked directly in front of me, I saw what looked like a crooked picture. I wondered how the staff had not noticed it and corrected it. I was about to say something to the staff when I looked past a column that blocked the whole view. What I then saw made perfect sense. There were several rows of pictures and the top row was arranged in an arch. The right side of the arch was askew because it was part of an arch, not because it was out of place or crooked. There was nothing at all ‘wrong’ or imperfect or incorrect. It all fell into place just right. Wow, this is just so perfect – what a great analogy for how we sometimes perceive life. ‘Something is wrong. This is not right. How could this happen? This doesn’t make sense.’ How many times have I had these thoughts? Too many times. I often found that my view was simply ‘off’. My vision was impaired by my own beliefs, judgments, confused understanding and limited perception. When I am able to see beyond what seems obvious, I am often astounded by the perfect sense of seemingly imperfect reality. I am coming to see that true reality is always perfect, even when it includes imperfection. Sometimes imperfection is just perfect, just so appropriate, just so right. Sometimes tragedy is just so heartbreaking that love explodes all around, filling gaping holes in our hearts with a comforting balm of peace. Yes, sometimes there is more to the picture than meets the eye. I am sitting in a luxury hotel, listening to classical music, watching fireworks exploding across the bay along the Queen’s Necklace, drinking sparkling water with delicious snacks, answering emails and posting on Facebook. At the next table over is a man talking to a young woman about the importance of noticing what is happening in the present moment, really paying attention, and proceeded to quote the Buddha. He also made the comment that ‘too much intelligence makes us miserable.’ How true – when we think we know it all, we actually know too much. Instead of expanding, we contract. Our awareness becomes limited as we think we know what is going on. If we simply stay open and fully present, with no expectation, no pre-conceived judgment or beliefs about what should be right or wrong, we find worlds of wonderful possibilities open right before our eyes. This moment contains everything. It is complete. It is fulfilled. I am here and I am so grateful to be experiencing this reality. How did I get here? Tragedy brought me to this moment. Death, destruction, loss of dear ones, loss of my own identity,loss of almost everything I thought I knew. And yet..here I am. This is a heavenly moment and I am fulfilled.



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