Peace Train Express Meets the World Peace Army


Partnership is the name of the game in the world of peace building and so we are teaming up with The World Peacekeepers Movement, a branch of the Wockhardt Foundation led by CEO Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwalla. Dr. Khorakiwalla is a true peace visionary. He has developed a mission to spread world peace through the formation of the world`s largest army – The World Peace Army. Today we met to share updates about our work and agreed to become partners in peace. We agree that love is the answer to our current challenges in this world. We must find new and creative ways to bring more focus and attention to peace, love and compassion. Dr. Huzaifa is creating a wonderful way to bring peace to the streets through Peace Autos. Auto rickshaws in Bangalore are now sporting a Peace sign, books for passengers and drivers who are respectful, honest and peaceful. The World Peace Army will grow in the midst of everyday commuting – how brilliant! We will extend this idea as we create a real Peace Train to deliver peace education to raise the peace index of India. Anything is indeed possible! Visit World Peacekeepers Movement to learn more.




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