OLA was borne out of a vision to create a positive outcome in response to a terrorist attack. The Founder and President, Kia Scherr, suffered a devastating loss on 26th November 2008 when her husband and only daughter were brutally murdered in Mumbai by a widespread terrorist attack on the City.

After a period of introspection, Kia started on a long road of research and analysis to try and understand why areas of humanity are continually using violence for ends that a peaceful society does not understand. The Mumbai attacks, because of her unfortunate connection with them, form the basis of her endeavours, about which there is more information on this site.

As an overview, however, Kia’s research revealed what is latently obvious if one starts to analyze horrific events: there is an economic and community cost to violence at every level of society. Whether it is violence in the home, road rage, selfish intolerance, verbal abuse or the violence of corruption at high levels. Destructive behaviour damages and forces millions into a lifetime of degradation, poverty, tragedy and pain.

The actual cost of the most violent societies contrasted against the benefit of peaceful and supportive ones has been the subject of considerable academic research by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP).

The purpose of OLA is therefore to use IEP data to promote the principles that form the bedrock of successful societies. The more people who choose a path of support and tolerance the greater the likelihood of prosperity for all.   Some societies recognize this. It is our mission to spread the awareness so that everyone in the globe can benefit.