Tributes to Alan & Naomi


Tributes from Mark Hayes,
former Managing Director of Synchronicity Foundation

scherr-familyAlan, Kia and Naomi Scherr

The Scherr family started coming to the Synchronicity Sanctuary approximately 18 years ago and moved there in 1998.  They became integral parts of this community and contributed worldwide through their love, strength, talents, compassion and many gifts. There was so much goodness in this family. All who knew them were blessed.


Alan Scherr

Alan Scherr was a passionate man of many talents, skills and joys.  Mostly Alan loved his family and sharing the work of the Synchronicity High Tech Meditation experience with the whole world. When he spoke of his stepsons, Aaron and Adam, (“my boys”) it was with love and respect.  He worked to be a gentle mentor, giving guidance to their choices and watching them become fine young men. Alan was brilliant, honored, respected and loved. He made a difference to thousands out of his commitment to people having great lives through living with balance.  Alan was an endearing soul, through his years of meditation, transformation and holistic living, he had become an extraordinary man. May we all follow his example and choose to make a positive difference in the lives of those we touch.


Naomi Scherr

Naomi Scherr was a gem, a bright light. Naomi was only thirteen years old but she was prematurely wise, endlessly animated, energetic and lived an extremely spiritual conscious lifestyle without giving it a second thought. She loved being a teen, discovering her passions, having her rebellion and exploring the adult she was becoming. Naomi loved her parents – that was obvious whenever you observed them together.  Her brother Aaron and Adam were young princes to her; she admired them, was crazy about them and was inspired by the creative lives they lived – she loved them dearly. She was gifted, brilliant like her parents and we can only imagine the wondrous life she would have created for herself. May we stand together and create a world in which all children can grow into fullness in honor of Naomi.

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