Peace Alert Flash Mob

Peace Alert Flash Mob

How often have you seen people complaining, and how often have they really done something about it ? Today we see some people and they are just not happy, they complain, they take no action and the cycle goes on. It’s time to give a Flash of Life and give ourselves time to think. When was the last time, you remembered that you lived in the moment?  Let’s introduce the world with the most amazing technique called, Living! Let’s not waste the luxury of time, let’s come together to celebrate the biggest festival called LIFE!

Peace Alert! Dance Flash Mob

Delhi, India

This winter

How Can I Contribute?
Dance/Volunteer/Be there some way/Spread the message/Live

*The dates and venue can’t be disclosed, it has to be a surprise. :D 
**There are infinite possibilities to collaborate with us in this endeavor.

To raise the Global Peace Index

Why A Flash Mob ?

  • Studies say, Dancing boosts happiness and health.
  • Dance is a celebration of life.
  • As Martha Graham quotes,“Think of the magic of the foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It’s a miracle and the dance is a celebration of that miracle.”What a miracle it’s to live, let’s celebrate while we are here!
  • Dancing is positive and reiterates one’s positive outlook towards life.
  • With this peace alert we intend to show that there’s more love, more life, more happiness, harmony and peace.

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