OLA is committed to promoting the principles of a peaceful society. The main objective is to raise awareness and participation around the unified goal of a supportive community to prevent violence in all forms at an early age.

We have developed a foundation programme designed to increase individual and collective awareness of the benefits of co-operation. This establishes an operating system that will shift the way we teach, learn, do business and govern. It creates a new mindset based on respect and equality, resulting in peace and tolerance in everyday life.

Our work consists of connecting with business and educational establishments, as well as government bodies (including the police), to explain the benefits of our programme and to advise them on the implementation of a Security Education Programme for as many bodies as possible.

The fundamental messages of our programme are measurable. We have engaged with formal and independent bodies to verify the extent to which the education programmes are having a positive effect on changing the mindset of the community. We will be publishing the results of these effectiveness measurement exercises.

Once a positive connection has been made, we will work with the business to develop a tailor-made training programme which reflects the particular environment involved.


One Life Alliance uses a 30 day pledge book as a tool to remind ourselves to honor the dignity of life in each and every moment. Not only is it helpful for one to read it individually, it is helpful to take the pledge with others in our lives and with our communities. When we start with this pledge, we begin to transform how we see ourselves and others. Used in classrooms, it can be an effective various curricula and disciplines to reduce and eliminate bullying, build student self-esteem and develop their focus in their work and at home.

Click Here for a Sample from the 30 Day Pledge Book


Please emailĀ kiascherr[at] to inquire about teaching the 30 day pledge in your classrooms.