OLA India Board Members and Team Leaders


Kia Scherr is the Founder and Co-President of One Life Alliance. She is the wife and mother of Alan and 13-year old Naomi, who were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attack on November 26, 2008. Kia co-founded One Life Alliance to create a positive outcome to this tragedy by exploring, developing and implementing practical ways to increase peace and decrease violent behavior of all kinds. Kia is working with schools, businesses and government leaders all over the world and is partnering with many other organizations to strengthen this mission.


Avnit Kaur Avnit Kaur is the Director of Peace Education in India. Avnit, an OLA Pledge Facilitator, was the first to implement the 30 Day Pledge Program to the Millenium School in Meerut in 2012. This pilot program was the first for an entire school and was met with great success. Avnit is creating a teacher development training using the Pledge Program and is quickly becoming one of the most effective peace building tools in the world. From Avnit, “The OLA pledge program is a patterned way to achieve positive attitude, inner peace and thus contributing to world peace. The best way to increase peace is to begin with children. Children are the most enthusiastic and pure form of life, they not only learn quickly but also inspire the elders to be like them. I call myself a ‘life enthusiast’ and with OLA I can make people taste the joy of living fully, being alive at every moment, to celebrate the gift of life.” Avnit has a Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University and is currently completing her Master’s Degree in English Literature.

Anne Teicher is a Peace Educator for One Life Alliance in the US. Anne came to One Life Alliance after serving as the Marriage Equality Director for the ACLU of Maryland and previously as the Southern Regional Director of J Street. Anne’s background includes working on political campaigns, having worked on five presidential campaigns and three statewide races. She attended Vanderbilt Divinity for her Master’s work and Mercer University for undergraduate studies. Anne was friends with the Scherrs before the attack in 2008 and works for peace with Kia in their memory. An avid vegan, Anne lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband and many rescue and foster animals.

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Secretary and Trustee – Dnyaneshwar Kamble
M.Tech from IIT Madras and has Industry experience of 15 year with Tata group companies. Met my dream leader Kia Scherr at Indian Merchant Chamber in 2010 and decided to raise peace index by conceptualizing and implementing long term strategic program associated with common man . Accomplished and dynamic professional with significant years of relevant experience in management of end-to end delivery and quality assurance of complex projects. History of success in the telecommunications sector, as an on-site client liaison, crisis management for a premium account and consultancy on green IT, IT for green and corporate social responsibilities. Strong business qualifications with an impressive track record of hands-on experience in strategic planning and program management with ability to utilize technology to resolve environmental and societal issues. Treasurer, IEEE Bombay Section Executive Committee. Manage relationships with TERI, IEEE, UN GCN, and Bombay Chambers of commerce. This association enhances multidisciplinary approach. Recently Conceptualized and executed ‘TabCab as Peace Cab ‘ project for OLA in association with Tab Cab, 100 cabs are having peace message and 2000 cabs having OLA pledge books. Next Big project coming up is ‘ Governance by Participation’