30 Day Pledge Book Sample

An example of one of the thirty days’ lessons:


In this moment….I am smiling. I am open to the possibility of smiling more often all day long.
I am smiling just to smile and to smile at everyone I meet.
I am smiling with understanding, love and compassion. I am smiling with appreciation and gratitude.
I am open to the smiles of everyone in my world today. I enjoy smiling for no reason. Smiling opens my heart to the experience of joy in each moment.
I respect the dignity of life in myself and others with each smile.
I am so grateful for the smile I am experiencing in this moment.
I will respect the dignity of life in myself and others today by smiling more often, especially for no reason. Smile with compassion, with understanding, with appreciation, gratitude and love. In this way, you will contribute peace.



What are all the ways to remind yourself to smile?



What were your challenges in regard to smiling more often?



What did you learn about yourself by smiling more often?